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Three Stooges

Three Stooges, first published by Bluewater, US in 2011. I don’t really know since when the publishing rights were taken by Levity Comics. All I know, the last publisher was owned by the writer, Jaymes Reed.
Although I did whole interiors in this book, I didn’t paint the cover on first edition by Bluewater. I made one for the publisher. But they didn’t use it. The cover by me then used in Levity edition
This is my experiment style. Traditional painting using gouache. I love this kind of painting style. Maybe I’m gonna give a try on this technique again later.


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Saul – De Levende Mantel

After listed in four chapters in four editions of Stripglossy Magazine, This tittle finally made it’s own album. De Levende Mantel (The Living Cloak) hits the comic stores under publisher Uitgeverij Personalia, Netherlands.


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Lemuria – De Bergen van Moran

Lemuria first published by Dark Dragon Books, Netherlands. After first edition, the publishing rights exclusively took over by Don Lawrence Collections (DLC).
The writer who also the creator decided to take back the publishing rights and built his own publishing house. Lemuria also published in German edition by Splitter Verlag.
I stepped out from Lemuria after finished with book 2 “The Strijd Onder Water”.

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Mahabharata – Frankfurt Book Fair Edition