Radio Gaga

Radio Gaga first published in Dark Horse Presents #14 at 2012 as a short story. After several chapters, it was finally published as a one shot by “Old School Comics” publishing. Radio Gaga won 2017 SPACE Award General Category.



First story that I’ve ever made for overseas country. I took a Javanese folklore to be re-told in a short comic form for Stripglossy Magz. This 11 pages were published in Dutch. I was featured in the first edition of the magazine along with my short story “Adjisaka”.

Comic, international, work

Lemuria – De Bergen van Moran

Lemuria first published by Dark Dragon Books, Netherlands. After first edition, the publishing rights exclusively took over by Don Lawrence Collections (DLC).
The writer who also the creator decided to take back the publishing rights and built his own publishing house. Lemuria also published in German edition by Splitter Verlag.
I stepped out from Lemuria after finished with book 2 “The Strijd Onder Water”.