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Dutch Comic Con Spring 2018

Utrecht, March 31st 2018.
Rob den Houter dropped us at the main gate of Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the place is where this spring edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con being held.
Today is special. First, because this is my first time at this con. My head was thinking this is gonna be another great day at the con. Another reason is because this is the day when the first volume of my new series, Saul, launch to public as an album. Saul was written by Willem Ritstier. This guy has great reputation in his field. The series previously made it’s appearance at Stripglossy magazine in four chapters. I will also sit at Stripglossy booth during this event with some other guest artists from various countries. The last reason is, I am with my wife and my 19 months kid!

Like predicted, the crowd started to showed up like flood when the gate open at 8 a.m. I was sitting between Steve B. Scott an American comic artist and Brazilian comic artist, Eddy Barrows. These two are best known as comic artists of some series from DC or Marvel. We had miles queue lines of audience who want signing and sketches on their books. They were also bought some original artworks!

After several sketches, someone poked me in the back and saying,”Do you remember me?”
Holy sh*t! that was Dick Matena! one of my hero! and I can’t believe he asked me that question. Of course I remember him. He dropped by to introduce his son who loved my works. See, I told ya, today is gonna be another great day at con! And yes it was. Too bad I couldn’t make it to meet my another hero Martin Lodewijk. He’s at Uitgeverij L (Eppo) booth for several hours. The crowd keep coming at my desk. I just took a break for sandwich and one cigarette. I don’t want to leave my audience for too long like what i did back those day at 2015 at Strip Festival Breda. I feel bad whenever I remember that. That was also a blast event anyway.

Second day was less people. But still crowded. I said less because I can leave the booth for some time to participate for a kind of quiz at the event. And I am also contributed drawing a comic strip that was drawn by various guest artists.

1st April 2018, the gate is closed. After last photo session with Willem the writer, I leave the con with a big smile. Even my small family enjoyed the show. My little kid was very cooperative during the whole event. He was just cried once because he bumped out his nose over my desk. Ice cream always works!

See U next time Heroes Comic Con! Tot ziens!