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F.A.C.T.S Spring Edition 2018

Spring time at Europe! Not a bad day to attending comic events at all. This year I am visiting Europe with my new family member, ARANKA! our boy, Golden boy. When I say “golden” because they say “Silence is Golden”. During the conventions, this 19 months old kid didn’t make any noise. No whining, No over crying, No shouting! that’s why I said “silence” lol. Serious version is, Aranka means Golden in Hungarian. And yes he was made at Budapest, Hungary :))
All right, enough talking proudly about my son. I want to tell you a little bit facts about F.A.C.T.S. that I know.

Stefan De Walle, Thanks to this guy for create and keep the event running for over than 25 years

F.A.C.T.S stands to Fantasy Anime Comic Toys Space, is one of the biggest comic event in Belgium. They started in 1993 with only two tables and 40 visitors. Well it was more like a bunch of persons with same passions, gathered  in a pub named Het Tonneke in Ghent, Belgium. In 1998 they started to move the venue to a bigger place. It was at I.C.C, Ghent. The  F.A.C.T.S getting bigger and bigger. Now they are attended by around 30.000 visitors every years. So they need more room. In 2009 the event held in Flander Expo which covering 24.000 sq. m.

I feel so lucky to get invited to attend this ‘getting bigger’ event as VIP Guest!
I was sitting next to Brian Azzarello’s desk! This guy has kilometers queue line of people who asked for their books to be signed. And me? seems like I was sitting next to a wrong guy. He took my audiences! lol, just joking!

That’s him! :))

This event was crazy! full of crowd! Don’t even ask about cosplayers! There were tons of them! Toys geeks, a lot publishers, many celebrities! The last thing I mentioned I believe made this crowd keep coming from early morning in day-one when the gate was opened until the last second next day before they closed the gate.

In the last day, me and other guest artists including ; John Delaney,  Romano Molenaar,  Andrew Pepoy, and many more, were brought to Multatulie, a nice historical restaurant at riverside in Ghent for dinner.

Conclusion, I was very happy surrounded by these people. So was Kay my wife and our son, Aranka. I am looking forward to comeback to this event. Full excitement!