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There Will Always Be A First Time

I wrote stories for my Indonesian comic books! Although it was hard at the beginning, it made some good reactions from the readers. I still learning to be better though.

But you know what? I never thinking that I will write story on my own for overseas country…..

But I did!

It was started while I dropped off a particular project with a publisher. My bad…

The basic story was set. The writer are fully confident that the story will fit well with my drawing style. Also verbally we got the deal with the publisher. But because some particular reasons, I just can’t do it at the moment. If there is anyone who can be blame. That was me. I just want to take some days off. Case closed.

But let’s see the bright side, I can finished my second book of Mahabharata that I did for local publisher. And the result is much better than the first book! And I can finished some postponed commissions for the fans!

Until one day the publisher offered me to contribute on his new magazine called Stripglossy. It is a comics magazine. and it’s brand new!

It was Seb van Der Kaaden the owner who contacted me by himself. Pheww!! lucky me. After I dropped off the project from him, he still gave me another chance!

I don’t have anything to contribute at the moment. But I took the liberty to accepted his offer. Even I didn’t have any story yet.
Since the offer was short story instead of full book, I think I can give a try to write it myself.

And yes it is gonna be marked as the first comic overseas that I will draw and write by myself. So that was how it happened…

Here is the peek of thumbnail of the project that will make appearances on Stripglossy Magazine Netherlands.