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16th COMIC SALON 2014 – Erlangen/Germany

International Comic Salon Erlangen is two-yearly comics festival in Germany.

This is my very first International convention outside my country. You can imagine as a comic artist I had a great time, there were a bunch of comic fans and many international comic artists also attending this event. Full of excitements!

Let me ask u a question:
Do u know Jean “Moebius” Giraud? Don Lawrence?Milo Manara? Albert Uderzo? Gosho Aoyama? Art Spiegelman? or even Jim Lee?… Those are really well known comic artists that made appearance at the event. Sadly not while I was there. What I was

trying to say is how happy I am that I was in the same event with them 😉
Hey but I was with another living legend

Jaques Tardi! and many, of course.


Together with Writer Sytse S. Algera, we were invited by SPLITTER VERLAG to participate in their booth. Splitter always publishes premium comic books. It’s not because they are publishing my book The Lost Tales of Lemuria ( Die Vergessen Legenden von Lemuria ), but because they are really do. We had a great success there. People came enthusiastically for the book.
For me.. it’s very surprising that some of them are already became my hard core fans. Thank’s guys! U are ALL AWESOME!




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